"Why do we need a consultant?

They come in, stir up the organisation and then leave us out in the cold when things get serious."


Good HR consulting ...

must start where, after a thorough analysis , something is not running smoothly. Within the HR processes of a company, many things are certainly regulated effectively and efficiently. However, individual processes and tools/systems may function less well and may need an update or realignment.


No "over-engineering", ...

this can lead to staff mistrust and high development costs. If today's world is already differentiated, complexity should not be added unnecessarily. 

The best and most effective HR processes are simple, clearly understandable and transparent for managers and employees. This promotes acceptance and fairness (e.g. in career development) within an organisation. The goal is to reduce complexity, achieve a high level of effectiveness and simplify communication.


People/culture, processes and change ...

Since I started my career, I have dedicated myself to these topics in organisations. A good and successful business model is the basis for entrepreneurial success, but "excellence performance" can only be achieved with committed and motivated employees and a challenging but also supportive leadership and corporate culture. This must be embedded in an efficient and future-oriented human resources management.


With my many years of national and international experience ...

as a human resources executive in a German DAX company, coupled with the latest trends in modern HR work, I support you in the development and transformation of HR processes in your organisation. 

Either you already have a concrete change project in mind (e.g. internationalisation of HR, a new remuneration system) or we together analyse your HR processes and systems to remove one or two stumbling blocks. Often there are only a few adjusting screws that optimise the overall process and sustainably improve the corporate culture. A view from the outside is often helpful.

I support you as a "co-driver" with all my experience in road sections within your HR process.

You continue to be at the driver seat and at the wheel yourself!

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